color betty

multi-level definition…

betty — a girl; confident, attractive, fun to be around and ultra-empowering to herself and others. magnetic personality, interested in having a good time and making sure everyone else is enjoying life too. typically found trying to save the world while looking impeccably s-xy and fierce. sought after by all the romeos and a style icon to her juliets.

color betty — a betty who embraces her slay the day personality while unapologetically draping her life in color. her make-up, her clothes, her possessions, her way of life is bold and beautiful because she chose to make it that way for herself.
guy: (staring at retro farrah fawcett red swimsuit poster)
guy 2: man, wasn’t she a total betty?

girl: wow, did you see jennifer’s red lipstick today?! i want to be able to pull off a look like that.
guy: yeah, she’s fearless. cl-ssic color betty move.

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