a concept invented by john logie baird in 1928 when he got bored with black and white. black and white is considered to be more “cl-ssic” and timeless by most people, with colour generally only accepted in today’s world as a means to making commentary on televised snooker tournaments simpler.
john logie baird (turning in grave): if i could turn back time, i think on balance i wouldn’t have invented colour.
graverobber: why is that john?
baird: i just don’t think it has stood the test of time.
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colour: one’s perception of hue, lightness/brightness and saturation.

note: this is the british and canadian way of spelling colour, therefore, the correct way. i realize that american’s think that they invented the english language (along with everything else)but they did not. the brits or english invented the language (where do you think the name came from?). why do american’s spell it color? years ago when the first american dictionary was written, the person writing it was a horrible speller.
there are so many different pr-nounciations or accents in the united states, cul-er, call-or, cull-lur, cul-our, cal-or, etc.

i’m surprised they can spell anything correctly, because they seem to have difficulty with phonetics.

i love my new colouring book and crayons! do you want to colour with me?
his depiction of the situation is coloured due to his personal involvement.
the british spelling of color…

americans say color
what colour is your car?
the _original_ and proper way of spelling colour. the americans only spell it because they’re incapable of understanding silent letters or how ‘ph’ sounds like ‘f’
it’s colour you r-t-rd – get an education dumb-ss
1: the british variation of the word which the americans spell as “color”.

2: a cause of lengthly and meaningless discussions over which way to spell the word is superior.
a: bl–dy h-ll, it is spelt colour!
b: h-ll no, it is spelt color! without a u!
c: whatever guys…
the correct spelling, unlike the way dumb yanks that cant spell the word for toffee
yank: “hi my name is like cindy lou an i like the color pink”
brit: “h-llo my name is thomas and i like the colour black”
the observed property of light which is closely related to its wavelength.
a hene laser has a distinctive red colour of wavelength usually around 633nm.

calling someone coloured is often considered racist.

issac newton decided there should be seven colours in the spectrum, even though only six are particularly well defined. indigo only exists because of newton’s religious beliefs.

colour is the correct spelling. :p

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