when white people act like they have discovered something that was already prevalent in a minority culture.
this season’s runway full of columbused trends, such as baby hairs and big booties.
a beautiful metropolis on a river valley in the center of ohio. its becoming a major technilogical, cultural, and educational center for the nation. awesome skyline, nightlife, and overall place to live.
that columbus is one awesome place to see…..
the largest city in ohio. if you haven’t heard of it you are a f-cking moron that has lived in a hole.
the best city in america, one of the top 20 largest too. 6th most dangerous in cities over 500,000 and 6th fattest in america. we’ve got the osu buckeyes, tons of restaurants, and it isn’t some suck–ss cow town like people say it is. we’ve got osu, nationwide arena, wyandot lake, pleny of clubs. home to some of the nicest and most opinionated people in the united states. and plus, it’s not in michigan.
columbus, ohio is better than any other city in michigan.
a city in central ohio with a population of about 730,000 and a metro population of around 1.84 million. home of the ohio state buckeyes who own everyone else. columbus has a very vibrant skyline and downtown district as well as a plethora of new shopping malls and attractions. columbus is the best city in the midwest, take that chicago, pittsburgh, louisville, and detroit. we all know whose packing the real heat, its the c-bus.
don’t mess with c-bus, it’ll own you all over the place. <3 columbus, ohio a beautiful city in central ohio t-dog jenkins, its not in southern ohio you f-cking r-t-rd. get your geography straight you f-cking -sshat when you have s-x with a virgin and discover new land. yo tyler did you columbus ashley yet? (v) the act of stealing for one's personal use, to gank something which is not yours. roots of this word come from christopher columbus' expedition to the americas where he consequently stole land from the american indians. ted: where'd you get all of these cd's? ron: man, you know i went columbus on the video store and took all of them. ←

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