comet lane

the coolest block in levittown, members of this block are very close and gather numerous times throughout the year. the 2 most famous times are of course the block party and the festival of lights. this is, of course when the adults gather around outside around a fire pit and put up each others holidays lights. they go house to house dragging the fire and drinking extreme amounts of booze. the children follow and help the adults untangle the lights while they continue to booze. many times this ends up in falling off ladders, sliding down roofs and very very crooked lights that stay up until new years. the block party has similar events regarding the alcohol involved. there is always a dunk tank, slip and slide, cotton candy and other various events involved. there are many kids that run around on this block and make this residence the place to be. at sundown there is one event that is never forgot and that is the beer pong game between the north and south sides of the block. even the children who are too young to drink take part in rooting for their side of the block. so far, about 5 years running south side has prevailed but north side is sure to remind them how they frequently p-ss out drunk. afterwards the fire pit is once again brought out into the middle of the street followed by those who have not p-ssed out in their bath tubs yet.
there is also weekly card games held in garages where it gets highly compet-tive.
this block has the best rep in levittown and according to the elementary school is asked the most if there are any available houses for sale.
-hey did you see the comet lane crew outside again?
– no, but i heard one of the guys slide down the roof. ha

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