comic relief

1. a character in a story that brings a light comic air into the work. just as a hero brings heroism. the comic relief usually does some halirious or haliriously stupid quip (stupid as in the example below)
hero: give me the girl off the train tacks, cr, i am going to ride off into the sunset!
comic relief:gee, i don’t think the young lady would like to be ridden into the sunset…
for a girl with the intention of f-cking a comedian gives him head.
girl1: did you f-ck that comedian after the show last night?

girl2: we went back to his house and all he wanted was a little comic relief.
the art of jacking oneself off with a comic relief red nose on the end of your p-n-s.
“i’m easy going for some comic relief tonight.”

“been a long day? looks like you could go for some comic relief this evening.”

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