—someone who spends too much time in the bathroom.
hey john, hurry up in there; don’t be such a commodeaholic.

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  • diddapkinting

    when you try to type ‘disappointing’ and you stupid piece of sh-t phone’s auto correct f-cks it up. that’s diddapkinting. f-ck god d-mnit.

  • alldongs

    any bar or nightclub where the ratio of men far out number the ratio of women. similar to a sausage bar. lets get out of here, this bar is alldongs!

  • hamster waterbottle

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  • roarty

    has a chode and 20 pounds of fat spare , loves hefty f-ckers “love the shams hate the bundis”, “can’t train my back is sore ” roarty is a fat pr-ck

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