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  • Cornswoggle

    to break something completely beyond repair. usually something you didn’t think was possible to break in the first place. ex. nokia, power steering, t-tanic. he cornswoggled his power steering by turning too hard and snapped it.

  • dirty bird

    when you put your finger in your own or someone else’s b-tt hole and flip someone off i gave that girl a dirty bird 44 more definitions a touchdown celebration created by jamal anderson for the 1998 atlanta falcons. the dance, which consisted of flapping arms to act like wings, was introduced when tight end […]

  • dirty brewer

    being awfully wet. no one knows why you’re wet, but you’re blacked out acting creepily perverted. did you see that dirty brewer at the bar last night? i was scared.

  • dirty sandcastle

    when you are on the beach with your lover and decide to build a sandcastle and put your p-n-s through the tower windows and proceed to f–k her but just before you -j-c-l-t-, you pull out and release your sperm on the highest tower of the castle and let it ooze down. jack: hey man, […]

  • disapproud

    the feeling of being disappointing in someone but at the same time feeling proud of them too. like when a father feels disappointed in their son for wanting him to become an accountant but instead becomes a figure skater. -son wins gold medal in figure skating- dad: son, i am disapproud of you!

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