n. rural farmstead, hamlet or b-g inhabited by an anarchistic group of flower-people seeking to escape the usual confining bonds of humanity’s fettered existence. often seeking financial independence through the production of shabbily beaded -ssemblages and aromatic candles these clothing-optional settlements have largely disappeared since the sixties as a result of government intervention, better anti-psychotic medication, and cholera.

dude! we should gather a bevy of gals and totally start a commune!

been there. done that. tie-dyed the t-shirt.
a community that a group of people form where they have a community garden that they live off one ownes anything by themselves but everything is owned by the whole community. violence of any kind is forbidden. where anyone is free to have s-x with anyone else. and any childern are raised by the community as a whole.
this form of living was popular in the hippie generation of the 1960’s and is making a come back.
john lives in a commune.
a gathering of male friends who sleepover together, it would be considered g-y to anyone except the people involved in the commune, wo argue that they are all straight people and just act like this when they are together.
hey jack, wanna have a commune tonight? itll be raging fun…

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