community college

a place where one supposedly furthers his educational prowess after high school and at the end can receive either an aa degree or transfer to a 4-year university. these places can be nice but the majority of them are pretty terrible. they allow virtually anyone into the schools, even if the people are members of the westboro baptist church, the ku klux klan, members of cults such as scientology, or uneducated, uncultured rednecks. they seriously can’t turn anyone down since most of these places are located in politically correct places that’s filled to the core with morons.
a community college is place where lazy people that can’t make it into real college congregate and these places allow anyone into admission even nutcases.
a place where you prolong your eventual dropping out of college.
dude, community college is so boring.
the only type of school that i could afford thanks to a tanking economy.

funny enough, it also makes everything you did in high school irrelevant.
i was accepted to the university of illinois-uiuc. but after cr-ppy financial aid and being unable and unwilling to get many loans, i ended up having to go to the local community college instead.
a transitional phase between the acquisition of a high school diploma (during which considerable luck was involved) and either homelessness or lower-middle cl-ss obscurity.
i got an -ssociate’s degree (abbreviated “fd” for its more common term, fake degree) from my community college because someone told me the reason i wasn’t learning anything in school was add, instead of actually making me confront the fact that my head is full of mashed potatoes and that i would be a ditch digger for the rest of my life unless i chose to, g-d forbid, apply myself to my education.
a type of college you pay for by course units over the traditional semester-set fees in universities.
a term which people on urban dictionary rant the sh-t out of, because they thought they could graduate with an -ssociate’s degree and be set for life, or take any courses they want and expect to transfer to a top-prestigious school. sorry, but that’s not how it works.

it’s n-body’s fault but your own if you weren’t aware of what credits would transfer or not. you’re supposed to plan this before you enroll in your cl-sses. if you plan on transferring to state college, ideally within the same state, you’re not going to have issues with your credits. however, taking intermediate algebra over college algebra isn’t going to fly with most universities. if you feel your college or guidance office failed you, why don’t you rant on about that particular school, so that people can spend their money elsewhere?

trying to convince people on urban dictionary to avoid comm. college, or mostly trying to belittle people who do go because of your misfortune is just petty. when you’re in tough economic times, and financial aid doesn’t give a pot to p-ss in, people don’t have much of a choice these days. community college can offer great benefits for some people, including affordable tuition & high flexibility, while being able to take your standard freshman/soph-m-re courses.

a lot of people transfer from college to university, and a lot do not. n-body is to blame in life but yourself.
urban dictionary user: lol community college is for losers yo
-goes back to playing xbox-

me: is it really? i’m sorry to hear that.
a sl-t.
“i hooked up with crystal last night.”
“thats nothin’ to brag about, man, she’s easier to get into than a community college.”
a school which fools non college material high school kids into thinking they are college material, just to get their tuition money.
delaware county community college(media, pa) suckered me into taking 4 years worth of cl-sses for a worthless 2 year degree.
a disco with books, anyone can go.
here’s 10 dollars… now i’m gonna get my learn on! at the community college 😉

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