complexicationopolistic means hard or difficult words
the sentence was very complexicationopolistic

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  • slave to society

    someone who agrees and follows societal norms and trends, or someone who is “normal”. i was a slave to society once.

  • tattlet*ts

    someone who is insecure about themselves and feels the need to expose your small t-ts to the world in order to feel better. julie: look how small her b–bs are guys! sarah: (under breath) tattlet-ts.

  • back blown out

    there aren’t any definitions for back blown out yet. can you define it?

  • d*nky rink

    a safeword for, “d-ck” or “p-n-s”. “i don’t want some random d-nky rink supporting me.”

  • jewish tub

    an overweight female look at that hoe she’s a jewish tub.

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