to make overly complex without good reason.. much like the word itself; hence itself being an example of its own definition.. along with the definition itself 🙂
why must you complexificate this simple problem?

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  • did me dirty

    when reece (someone) doesn’t give you a high five she just did me dirty

  • Rimming the Jester

    to laugh excessively at a mildly funny or unfunny event, occurrence or joke. “ok, calm down. the joke wasn’t that funny. stop r-mm-ng the jester”


    initialism that stands for: laughing out loud rolling on (the) floor laughing my -ss off away from keyboard talking to my mate greg on msn: -sorry i haven’t responded in 12 minutes, i’ve been lolroflmaoafk because i saw an animal planet video of a cat named reginald being given a bath, and i have been […]

  • kitchen hands

    hands that are used to being burnt and carrying hot plates from the restaurant industry. “don’t worry i have kitchen hands,” replied nina when the waitress told her to be careful.

  • acting Zassy

    to get offended by something insignificant or for no reason at all because someone didn’t ask politely enough, john got annoyed. he was acting z-ssy.

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