an idiots way of saying computer
i love compupers

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  • binen

    someone with an iq of under 40. what a binen.

  • barfsmaegel

    barfsmaegel is something that induces vomiting. barfsmaegel is the best way to describe the booze concoction mixed by paul!

  • sh*tty donuts

    a term when you like to f-ck yourself and no one else i really wanna sh-tty donuts

  • fishy biscuit

    a word dumb-ss people use to make other dumb-ss people laugh. girl 1:fishy biscuit girl 2:-laughs-

  • smocane

    cocaine wrapped in weed that you smoke until you get an angry dragon in your b-tthole my dad got me some good smocane last night!

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