1) when a politician hides from an important issue by blasting out a smokescreen of photo-ops and tweets about inoffensive issues that everyone agrees on, like kissing babies and supporting the troops.

2) when you are chicken and come out against a bill after it’s pulled and you don’t have to vote on it anymore.

3) when a legislator accepts money to lobby for a bill she/he is also sponsoring and voting for. unethical

4) the unethical act of simultaneously legislating and lobbying for the same bill.

5) when a politician avoids talking to const-tuents unless they have been pre-screened and pre-selected to ensure they won’t ask hard questions.

6) when a politician never holds a town hall meeting with const-tuents.

7) when politician waits until the last moment to vote on a bill in order to vote with the majority.

8) see also: ethically challenged
he is comstocking on that issue until it goes away.

she is tweeting madly about nothing these days – she must be comstocking until after everyone else has voted on the bill, then she will vote with the majority when it is safe.

he was really comstocking that bill before he finally sponsored and voted for it – he took $153,000 from corporate lobbyists!

she is really comstocking her district – she has never held a town hall meeting with the voters.

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