british/french supersonic airliner, designed in the sixties and entered commercial service in 1976. a supreme technological success (and the only successful supersonic airliner), but catastrophic from a business point of view.

concorde was designed when fuel was cheap, and when it didn’t seem like there would be any objection to generating sonic booms over populated areas. by the time it was ready to go into commercial service, environmental concerns and fuel costs eroded most of the potential market. in the end, concorde served only with air france and british airways, mostly flying on the new york – paris and new york – london routes.

after the first fatal concorde accident in 2000, the fleet was grounded for over a year. the decision was finally made to retire the two concorde fleets in 2003, and the survivors were retired to museums in germany, france, britain, the united states, and barbados. no supersonic successor appears likely
the last commercial concorde flights were in october 2003.
concorde – it’s a noun, adjective and verb. a group of 4 people who stick together. like other such groups. all members are lads. all have one goal. to snake girls and wingman for each other. if a member is snaking in a club, other members will be required to wing for their captain, even taking on grenades. all members are required to drink until a member of concorde p-sses out/throws up/breaks property. concorde is a group of members who qualify as lads.
concorde member 1: i’m going to concorde on that bird.

concorde member 2: ok man, i’ll be your wingman, captain.
derogatory word for a person with a very large nose. the expression is a humorous one as it plays on the word conk and the fact that the aeroplane of the same name had a long pointed nose cone.
person: (points and exclaims as a person endowed with an abnormally large proboscis walks by) bl–dy h-ll, look at concorde over there!

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