the technical term describing the act of two girls scissoring for s-xual pleasure.

derived from the word “concatenate”.
conc-ntination with my girlfriend is always epic!

i conc-ntinated last night with my girlfriend, now i have severe v-g-n-l friction burns.

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  • Congratuhatin

    a back-handed congratulations from one person to another, whereby someone is falsely congratulating someone when in reality is just being a hater. “girl, tiffany wasn’t really happy for you when you finished your degree. you know she was just congratuhatin.”

  • how to trick a moron??

    see tricking a bunch of c-nts its easy to trick these f-ckwits.

  • Poc Em Emos Emod

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  • hand vagina

    hand v-g-n- – a diamond symbol made by putting thumbs and index fingers together. he don’t care about nothin’ ‘cept his girl, and gettin’ some (gesture of hand v-g-n-)!

  • Hangorade

    a bottle of gatorade, usually the 1 l ones, that you chug in the morning to help relieve a hangover. as a bonus you can leave the bottle next to your bed to p-ss into another night when you don’t feel like getting out of bed to p-ss in the middle of the night. dude, […]

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