you’re having an all night party. someone falls asleep. you put some real c-mmy looking hair conditioner on them to simulate the appearance of someone having -j-c-l-t-d on them while they were asleep.
peter: hey, bobby, greg’s asleep. let’s “condition” him!

bobby: cool! perfect, i don’t think he’s ever heard of that, so it will really get him!

……three hours later……

greg: (yawn……wipes face……opens eyes……) what the f-ck! what happened to me……gross! g-d d-mn it! where are those f-cking f-ggots!
to gradually acclimatize another into previously untried or forbidden behavior, control, lead into deep water
by smearing peanut b-tter on her cooter, she conditioned her doberman to provide her ‘non-prime time’ pleasure

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