conjoined twin myslexia

a fictional, parodic disorder created by the writers of southpark, the animated television show. this faux illness is used to exemplify how people can be unsupportive while trying to be supportive (and more simplistically, how people should mind their own business. it is logical to -ssume they did this to avoid offending any sensitive people with a real disorder, so they used one that didn’t exist.

in real conjoined twins, there is the potential for something similar to occur, though not often on the face, called “twin embolisation syndrome” or “vanishing twin syndrome.” also visually similar to the imagined south park disorder are craniopagus parisiticus (parasitic twin) and twin reversed arterial perfusion (trap).

please note:
“conjoint” is not an acutal spelling used by the writers or by medical professionals, merely by people with poor spelling skills adding things to an open dictionary.
“did you see that hilarious episode of south park where they talked about ‘conjoined twin myslexia?’ my how we would look ignorant moron if we actually used the term like it was really a disorder.”

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