connor bennett

to have a tiny p-n-s
wow, that’s tiny! you must be a connor bennett

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  • pope on dope

    when a normally quiet and calm person gets rowdy. note: this does not have to be drug induced friend 1: last night jake hit 2 mailboxes. he was driving like the pope on dope! friend 2: what? every time i drive with him he follows all the rules!

  • sacred gaggle

    the greatest thing on earth, a group of sacred chickens. dave: wow! i saw a sacred gaggle yesterday! sally: oh my god, how did you find one?!

  • chewtivated

    a dog’s irresistible urge to chew on stuff. my new puppy is very chewtivated. it’s already torn up my sandals, three pillow cases, my mom’s quilt and part of the sofa.

  • zarya

    a russian pink haired lesbian who has huge muscles. oh shes such a zarya!

  • ankle-back

    an extreme form of necking, also known known as an ankle-neck. originated by miley cyrus, maybe. the act of kicking the back of someone’s foot extremely hard to the point that the person is unable to walk. dude, i had to ankle-back this cat. he was being mad disrespectful.

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