he has a small p-n-s he lives in colorado
man connor its small
person with large p-n-s
omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
connor is lad/guy who is very s-xy,
is known by all girls as s-xy connor
and is so f-cking cool.
hung like a horse.
i wish i was connor
an ultimate word that can be used to replace any word in a sentence or phrase.
i gotta take a connor. holy connor.son of a connor. your mom cooks connor meals. connor. your a connor lover. f-ck this and may connor have mercy on your soul
the complete and udder essence of awesome
whenever something awesome happens to you it is because connor makes it so
connor cannot be killed in battle, he can only fall asleep at random times
huge d-ck,p-ssy only!
he is the human form of chuck norris
connor is so awesome that he can melt his enemies into rock…. exactly
“that text was lame,i wish we had a connor”
“connor gets me hard”
“connor was raised by wolves”
coolest, most s-xiest person in existance! he is a true genius and is loved by all his friends and hated by all those jealous of his awesomeness! if you are named connor, thank your parents by eating your other siblings. also if you are bestowed with the name connor, don’t take anything from anybody! show them you are better then them by killing their parents! all connor’s should have pink hi-liters!
wow, connor is awesome, i want to do him.
i hate connor because he is everything i am not.
super cute and amazing, hes good at almost everything. he always doubts himself and is super humble. hes so nice but will protect the one he loves.
“i love you, connor!”
a s-xy hippie
who enjoys to smoke weed and have s-x.

“i want to f-ck a connor.”

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