conor is lord of the gingers. he makes a mean paella and his favourite pastimes include petting cats, drinking beer and staying cool.
conor is the greatest and anyone who disagrees is a total doink.
“that ginger guy, what’s his name?”
“conor? yeah he’s really cool.”
someone who is the man
conor invented sombreos

conor once ate an entire watermelon, including the seeds, then grew an entire watermelon patch in his stomach which fed eleven families for six weeks.

if you were to know conors’ true name, your mind would collapse upon itself.
a charming, quick-witted gentleman.
generally quite good looking.
why can’t all guys be more like conor?
the sweetest boy alive. a boy who every girl wants 2 be noticed by. he that will stay up till 2 in the morning jest to talk to you even though he has to be up at 7:00 to go to work. someone who has amazing looks but doesnt relize it somtimes. always knows jest wat to say to brighten up ur darkest days. makes u smile wen u want 2 cry and even wen there tears are already in ur eyes. who u can jest be urself around without worying about him laughing at u. hes a total dork and romantice and u know right away its the real him. h-ll argure with you about who should hang up the phone first cuz he doesnt want 2 stop talkin 2 u. and sends kissses through the phone and aim. and only vare about how u feel wen ur talkin bout him thats his only focuse.
hes such a conor how did i ever get so lucky?
a s-xy hippie who enjoys smoking weed and having s-x.

girl 1- “hey angi, look at josh. he is sooo s-xy.”

girl 2- “i know right! i wanna make out with him so much.”

both- “he’s such a conor…”
a beast at everything
and really funny
wow is he a football player?

yeah he’s such a conor
(n., adj.) a traditional irish name which means “of high desire.” a word used to describe a very unique, funny, smart guy. a conor usually has loads of dry wit and enjoys s-xual conversations with co-workers.
1: girl 1: that guy over there looks so cute today in his pink polo.

girl 2: i know! he must be a conor. no other non-gay dude can pull that off quite like a conor!

2: stop telling conor jokes! my stomach hurts from uncontrollable laughter.
a person who has 3 of something that most people would only usually have two. for example a third eye, a third ear or a third nipple. conor’s would most commonly have a third leg.
tracy: did you see that male strippers wiener?
alice: oh yeah! he’s most definitely a conor!

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