conscious irony

irony’s tendency to reference itself in skeumorphic form from one culturally-manifestive medium to the next. irony as a self-referencing (meta-meta – – > self-actualized) ent-ty. culturally-manifestive mediums include literary–> cinematic – – > existential – – > aesthetic – – > conscious.
conscious irony or irony’s ability to self – reference from one medium to the next implies that it is self-sentient; that consciousness is an attribute of irony rather than irony being an attribute of consciousness
conscious awareness of ironic consciousness. awareness that one’s consciousness is a self-actualized linearization of time that originates from cyclical time origins. awareness that the existentialism (cyclical) of consciousness is counterposed to its actualization (linearity). understanding that one cannot traverse linear time to the past and that the future and present concurrently (cyclically) impact each other.
conscious irony is the understanding that you cannot travel back to the linear past you can only move to the cyclical future which is the eternal now.

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