shortcut of continued
could also be cont or cont’d
to be cont..

to be contd..

to be cont’d..

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    a contract movie is a movie so emasculating, that if a guy is talked into seeing it with a female (since let’s face it, that’s the only way), it says in writing that the guy is getting action. that way, she can either make good on the contract or said guy can sue for breach […]

  • JTAY

    just thinking about you she sent me this text outta nowhere and it just said “jtay”

  • Controlling Bitch

    someone who feels that her boyfriend is “her man” and/or property. the controlling b-tch easily gets jealous when other girls are around, even though nothing is going on, they are just friends or strangers. she repeatedly accuses boyfriend of being a so-called cheater and thinks of him cheating on her constantly even when they are […]

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  • Jubblin jibberonis

    slang for jubblin jibblers. “i’d get up in that purely for the jubblin jibberonis.”

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