having no desire to leave the moment you are experiencing.
i am content standing right here, on this rock, and looking at the stars. i don’t care if i ever leave. i could do this forever.
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the word content has two meanings:
desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.
to make satisfied.
contentment, satisfaction.
something contained, as in a receptacle.
1. contented himself with one piece of cake.
2. eggs have a high protein content.
not wanting more or anything else
i am content with what i have.
buzzword popular in the internet boom of 1999 that includes everything that takes skill to create; only used by those with no skills.
i can take this content and make it into a killer java-based web portal.
a wide variety of information that makes facebook pages fun including personal information, photos, videos, audio, music, games, groups, applications and other topics of interest limited only by imagination.

facebook content.

1. your facebook pages are bare, get some content!

2. i just uploaded some new content to my facebook account.

3. loved your new facebook profile photo, s-xy content!

4. excellent content! especially your facebook notes.

5. your content is pretty good, but i could have a little more cowbell!
a meaning of over buffness for a chick with potential and with cl-ss.
that chick is content

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