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  • Blow out your kite

    fill your stomach! blow out your kite on fried chicken and taters.

  • Stabbing Poo

    -n-l s-x i gave her the reach around while i was stabbing poo.

  • Stalkarazzi

    noun. – 1. a person who follows anyone around with their camera and start taking pictures. 2. a stalking paparazzi. 3. a psyco ex-boyfriend or boyfriend who has nothing better to do but just follows you around. verb. – 1. stalking and taking pictures at the same time. example 1. my psyco ex-boyfriend is a […]

  • bondango

    to produce music and distribute freely. names comes from a dj producer who decided to produce music then give it away for free. this was before the advent of internet and mp3 sharing, and was a pionneer in the field of free music downloads im gonna bondango some of my new tracks

  • Burgdropping

    the combination of condiment juice that drops from the back of a burger when it is eaten. dang! give me a napkin… i have burgdroppings all over my hands.

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