lacking the ability to create new original content. like writers block but for use in terms of general content creation, primarily online.
i haven’t written a new blog in 3 months! it’s like i’m contentstapated.

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  • beat the chimper

    spank the monkey the library is so boring i usually just go beat the chimper in the bathroom.

  • Defapitation

    when you get them head of your d-ck cut off the man was a victim of defapitation.

  • dgasaa

    don’t give a sh-t about anyone (else) oh, you’re b-mmed about that party because you’ve got fomo? well i dgasaa

  • dick in a dogs ass

    “putting a d-ck in a dog’s -ss” or “putting a d-ck in a dogs -ss all day long ” is the time honored art of achieving absolutely nothing at all. little jimmy spent his entire summer putting a d-ck in a dogs -ss.

  • dip mouth

    when ya toss a big ol fat pinch of snuff and your breath stinks like p–p to everyone else. man did you smell that guys breath back there? he defiantly had dip mouth

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