controlling ex boyfriend

a previous boyfriend who obsesses over a past companion and has regular inquiring contact with the ex companion.

the controlling ex boyfriend asks where you are, where you’ve been, why you cant come over and/or hang out, why you cant stay the night, who you’ve been hanging out with. the controlling ex boyfriend might not believe you when you tell him anything…he’s always suspicious that you’re not being honest even when you’re being completely or brutally honest. he may demand you spend the night and when you tell him you cannot (for whatever reason….its truly none of the controlling ex boyfriend’s business), no matter what you tell him….he suspects you’re lying and have other plans….most likely hookup plans with someone else.
controlling ex boyfriend: where are you?

the victim boyfriend or girlfriend: im at work…i picked up a double shift today.

controlling ex boyfriend: really? because i asked your coworker and she said you didnt work until later today

the victim boyfriend or girlfriend: well,……like i said i picked up a double shift

controlling ex boyfriend: all i’ve ever asked from you is the truth

the victim boyfriend or girlfriend: im at work…sorry you think im elsewhere

controlling ex boyfriend: (calls the victim boyfriend’s work just to make sure he/she is actually at work)
a guy that breaks up with you because he can’t handle your independence and then still calls you to try to tell you what to do and makes you feel bad for being single and having a life
bob “let me talk to him. i know he’s at that party with you.”
me “no, your not going to talk to him. you’re such a controlling ex-boyfriend.”

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