politically conservative conversation about real life social issues like crime, poverty, etc.
let’s not listen to the left’s propaganda and start a civilized conversashön.

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  • swahili flu

    when you have a really bad hangover i had a hard time at work today because i had the swahili flu

  • booty purse

    the same thing pretty much as a money belt or f-nny pack my grosse -ss f-nny pack went boom and my booty purse sum net kept me inside anx you boohood-nkydowjonesin for my powell!

  • whores mouthwash

    a beer, or any other alcoholic beverage used to chug after having performed his or her duties “that wh-r- sucked me up and swallowed. so i gave her a beer to wash it down. ” “ah, a wh-r-s mouthwash.” “yeah.”

  • dabworthy

    when you are good enough to dab on all the haterz with a z peace homeie “ay yo have you seen that basket put in by jordan last week” “ye that was so dabworthy!”

  • energeticness

    the state of being energetic. her energeticness is making me tired.

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