Conversation Pirate

someone who is always taking over a conversation that they were not originally part of. the person is within earshot when you start a conversation, then as the conversation is commencing, the third party loudly interjects a comment designed to derail the conversation so that all attention is then upon them. usually they follow this up with even louder and more outrageous jibberish.
frank: so, chuck what did you do this weekend?
chuck: sat-rday night was awesome, i banged two chicks at once!
curt, sitting just within listening distance, prepares to board the conversation just like a pirate boarding and looting a ship on the open seas, yells: i banged twelve chicks once!
curt: but i got syphilis….
curt: i gave it to hank last night.
frank: curt is such a conversation pirate!
conversation dies.

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