cookleta is a term used to define the pairing of american idol’s season 7 contestants david cook & david archuleta. “cook” originates from david cook’s last name, and “leta” is derived from the last four letters of david archuleta’s surname. this pairing also happens to have the most evidence of any other pairing of season 7. this ranges from video footage of handstands, multiple hugs and chest caresses to photographs of lingering l-st-stares and adoring glances.
-after seeing the trl hug and piggyback ride-
fan #1: do you really think that something brotherly is going on inside their minds?
fan #2: i am in a serious need of an oxygen tank. the cuteness is killing me. (you! =d)
fan #3: ohmygaygod!
fan #4: take that, kim caldwell.
fan #5: i bet he wouldn’t let kim jump on his back like that…
fan #6: -dies-
fan #7: cookleta owns all, true fact.
the ‘canonrific’ pairing of season 7 american idol contestants, david cook and david archuleta.
i kept watching that video of cookleta doing handstands. who knows what else they do when they’re alone?

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