a g-y black person
dude that guy is a c–naloon.

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  • fungus queen

    refering to the super mario super show, a fungus queen is when you are the queen of the mushroom kingdom i have got you now you little fungus queen

  • really joseph

    a response to a statement so f-cking obvious that even a new born child could say it and when you feel the need to point out said person and their stupidity. is usually said in a sarcastic or mocking manner and usually to a pagan. person doesn’t have to be called joseph but it helps. […]

  • mid break

    to be half way through a poo the phone rang while i was mid break

  • trumpster babies

    infants abandoned because women will stop having access to birth control via the affordable care act when it’s repealed, and won’t be able to get an abortion because it will become a felony. the years following the repeal of obamacare led to a wave of trumpster babies found abandoned throughout the country.

  • kelisabeth

    she’s a very warm-hearted, meme loving, young lady. who is incredibly beautiful and excels in everything she does. shes arsty and tumblr af and slays everyones existence with her extraordinary style. “wow look at kelisabeth and her messy bun looking cute af” “get you a kelisabeth”

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