c–ning is a verb derived from the word c–n. a c–n was/is a person of african decent whose sole purpose was/is to entertain white people. these ‘c–ns’ started out as wearing black face, characterized by haveing big eyes and painting big red lips on their face. these people would tap dance, play instruments and sing.

modern day c–ns are blacks who play stereotypical roles and black entertainers that promote ignorance.

c–ning is someone is acting like a ‘c–n’.
(a is singing and dancing in public with white people watching)

b: will you come on and stop c–ning!


a: look at wayne brady, he’s always c–nin..
the act of resting or engaging in an enjoyable activity so as to derive as much pleasure as possible out of the day regardless of the amount of work that needs to be done or productive places to attend.
why didn’t you go to work?
c–ning bro.
when you dip your b-lls in chocolate or some sort of dark liquid and proceed to give someone arabian goggles so their eyes look like a racc–ns.
my girl friend yelled at me cuz i wouldent stop c–ning her while she slept.

i just got a new can of black paint….dont make me c–n you.
c–ning (verb) – pr-nounced “c–n-in” is an exclamation used by white people who take racism on the next level.

to behave as a very arrogant individual.

being inappropriately loud and hostile in a quiet atmosphere.

pretending to be ghetto and black as h-ll just to make fun of those who truly behave that way without thinking it is silly and wrong.

lacking civility.

when white people use this term, they’re deliberately using it to put down black people who are surrounding them.

white people utilize the word and subst-tute it for “chillen” or “hanging out” with other white people who are their friends.

white people describe a place, person, or thing when the subject fits the word.
dude, hahahaha, that guy hanging out with todd is really c–ning.
to c–n;to get c–ned on; c–ning
(verb) the act of savagely dunking a basketball/ jumping onto another person and letting one’s t-st-cl-s rest over the victim’s eyes. after being blinded with genitalia and blocked from sunlight for an extended period of time, the meat goggles (t-st-cl-s) will leave behind a pale, clammy mask (and possibly a few black pubic whiskers) around the eyes. very similar to a bad sungl-ss tan. the result of a good c–ning both resembles a racc–n mask as well as wrinkly, droopy dark bags under the eyes while the scr-t-m hangs and bakes.
jordo c–ned on gary atleast 6 times at the basketball game this weekend.i’m starting to think gary enjoys a sweaty c–ning.

boy do i hate getting c–ned on. after that last c–ning i had to tell everybody at work i left my stunner shades on in the tanning bed.
to have a fit in public, like a rac–n would right after being captured. rac–ning can include psychotic, happy, angry, and sad fits. the person rac–ning will most likely have crazy circled eyes and drool, when in an intense situation.
person 1: you totally looked like a rac–n, just captured, with the drool flying from your mouth, and your crazy ringed eyes, haha you were c–ning!

person 2: was i really omg im so mortified.
acting like or in a manner becoming of a racc–n.

1) to swipe somthing or take without asking but usually with the intention to return it.

2) to act greedy and h–rd somthing, usually not very valuable.

3) the act of cheating somone or tricking them out of a getting a service/object.

-usually used in this manner by red necks or hillbillies
1) bob: uh joe, weres my pencil?
joe: sam c–ned it.

2) bob: hey! joe’s c–ning all the potato chips.

3) bob: hey wait! bill just c–ned me out of a turn. (during a game)

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