term used to describe a black -ss’d m-f- by racists.
oi you c–ntakinti get your sorry cotton pickin -ss over here!

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  • ecstasy arms

    when one is on mdma and can’t stop moving their arms in various waving patterns while dancing, as if they are swimming through the air. look at that guy rolling, he’s totally got those ecstasy arms.

  • Bill Maher Head Slam

    a hypothetical s-x act purportedly invented by comedian/orator/c-nt addict bill maher, in which prostaglandins (v-g-n-l dilators) are administered to a woman, while a man wearing a nasal respirator (to allow use of mouth) shoves his head into the dilated v-g-n-, and orally stimulates the gräfenburg spot (g-spot) until the woman -rg-sms. comedienne/actress sarah silverman is […]

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    to fart while you wipe. i fiped yesterday, it made me chuckle.

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