to copkill: (verb) not denoting the shooting of policemen, but rather used in video games such as halo. usually used in high-action (or power) situations.

copkiller: (noun) refers to the magnum weapon from halo. when used in dual-wield mode this is known as dual copkillers.

dual copkillers: dual-wielding 2 copkillers and unleashing on somebody’s -ss.

this method of killing, although not extremely effective (unless in pistol mode), is awesome. if you are killed by dual copkillers in a game, you may just want to say “ah d-mn , i just got d-cked by dual copkillers, i flippin’ suck.”

it’s the best taunt in the game!
(after getting the cr-p shot out of you in halo 2)
“aw cr-p, i just got copkilled.”

(after killing the cr-p out of someone else in halo 2)
“i just copkilled the cr-p outta yo -ss!”

(after dual-wielding copkillers)
“i just unleashed my dual copkillers on yo -ss!”

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