copy fag

when a male friend copies the way or style of dress of the other male friend. when one male friend copies the other males friends possessions.
dimitri is such a copy f-g he is wearing an orange shirt and shoes like his friend stavros.
someone who copies a troll’s- or another person’s reb-ttal to the troll- statement, editing it to form a reb-ttal because they’re too stupid to come up with their own halfway decent comeback.
troll: “oh, i’m a f-ggot? have you looked in the mirror?”
trollbait: “go away, douche.”
troll: “oh, i’m a douche? have you looked in the mirror?”
trollbait:”shut up, queerbait!”
troll: “oh, i’m queerbait? have you looked in the mirror?”
copyf-g: “oh, you’re a f-ggot? have you looked in the mirror?”

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