the ancient egyptian god of destiny, the embodiment of total darkness he is also a god of war, sand, storms, and flames. as the god of sand he can never damaged. he also causes sandstorms which bring him into conflict with the fertility god slifer. the two are adversaries and in the slifer myths, cordero controls everyone destiny and believes that everything that happens in the future. cordero belongs to the society of destiny and is the son of gale and hades he is the brother of ra, obelisk, slifer,a nd diabound who is sometimes given as his consort, although cordero is more evil commonly -ssociated with the foreign, semitic goddesses astarte and anat. during the 3rd millenium bce cordero replaced nephthys as the tutelary deity of the pharaohs, but the story of slifer murder gained currency and nephthys was restored to his original status.
he controls everyone destiny. and belives this saying “you can’t hide from destiny!!!!” cordero controls ur faith and destiny

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