a social outcast that cant fit into society’s rules.
jimmy you cornhouse what are you doing in the bathroom?

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  • willed up

    the act of taking a p-n-s and rubbing it all over someone. bro i willed up debbie last night all over the face

  • p*n*s*xual

    when one is p-n-s-xual they love p-n-s so much that they sleep on p-n-s, eat p-n-s, drink p-n-s, and will even marry a p-n-s. when a person want to be p-n-s-xual they must first be a woman or translate themselves into a woman. g-ys are not allwed in the p-n-s-xual group because they have d-cks […]

  • bleat about the bush

    make degradory comments about a hirsuite female i think he prefers shaved women as he will always “bleat about the bush”

  • dill sack

    another way of saying t-st-cl-s or b-lls. the dill of course being your p-n-s. person #1: “dude, this concert is friggin loud!” person #2: “yeah the b-ss is shakin my dill sack!”

  • adult candies

    usually means illegal drugs that resemble candies like xtc dude lets pop some adult candies before we go to the party!

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