i will shove my pr-ck in your cornice- aristophanes

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  • Lezbianism

    said to express anger or dislike of something. because lesbians are good and changing lesbians is bad. lezbianism. at it’s max! this is lezbianism at it’s finest.

  • cornhustlaz

    n-gg-s from nebraska that be on they slang we some straight up cornhustlaz round here, you want it, we got that sh-t. pizzeace homie

  • Celluload

    noun. a word used to describe the amount, or frequency of a person’s cell phone usage; usually a large amount. i’ve been on my phone so much this week, i’ve had the celluload of a popular high school girl.

  • LFN

    abbreviation for “last friday night” lfn was awesome do you remember anything about lfn

  • Scyphe

    the deliberate act of using legal tender (often $5 or $10) on a marijuana smoking session with friends or acquaintances via dutch/phillies/bluntvilles/gamedutches/bongs/pipes/gas mask. yo my n-gg- you wanna scyphe and get smacked ?

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