in crew (rowing), a female c-xswain who c-xes on the men’s team solely for the purpose of hooking up and/or sleeping with them. she will hook up with guys with girlfriends and even break the rowing rules and hook up with men in her boat. rather then being known for her good steering or yelling, she is known for how many guys on the team she has given (usually really bad) head.
wow, what a c-xwh-r-, she hooked up with her bowman, two seat, and half the guys on the team.

heather is such a c-xwh-r-!
a female c-xswain who c-xes males solely for the purpose of looking at, making out with, and/or sleeping with her rowers. typically hooks up with captains and inappropriate rowers, ie: boyfriends of their friends or teammates, their bow seat, etc.
heather is such a c-xwh-r-!

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