used as an abbreviation of ‘come on you reds’, for various football teams in the uk, such as manchester united, or southampton fc.

also, less commonly, used to mean ‘come on you rangers’, specifically for queen’s park rangers.

used, generally speaking, only in written communication.
person one: are you going to the footie today?
person two: h-ll yeah! coyr!
coyr meaning “come on you reds”. used by aberdeen fc, scotland’s greatest football club..
aberdeen are playing today, coyr!
meaning “come on you rams!” used by derby county fans.
“we can beat the sc-m, coyr!”
“come on you reds” a chant in football for the team swindon town fc
“come on you reds” coyr
come on you r’s – used by fans of queens park rangers f.c
bloke 1: you going to the match tomorrow?
bloke 2: yeh, coyr!

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