cost per click. commonly used term in ppc marketing is ‘pay per click’.
the cpc on this advertis-m-nt is .10c
cpc is the abbreviation of “corner post crew” – a group of people who sit at the front of bay 31 at the sydney football stadium and are supporters of sydney fc. the name alludes to the group’s proximity to the corner flag.
i stand in the cove for sydney fc home games.

oh really? i sit in the cpc.

where’s that?

front of bay 31 buddy.
crooked p-n-s condition

when you’re shlong bends sideways when erect.
susie- aaagh!
johnny- whats the matter, babe?
susie_ ew, you got c.p.c!!
clean plate club. you gain membership upon finishing a meal when you have eaten everything off your plate, leaving it clean.
sarah: “haha looks like i’m the only member of the cpc here suckaaaaaaahs!”

heidi: “whatever, fat–ss.”
1. abbrev.: chartered property casualty. see also cpcu.
hey that cpcu is so the man what he works with cpc.
chinese piece of cr-p. rebranded or no-brand knockoff products from some unknown company in china. usually includes a half-ssed manual in 100% engrish and a website to match. almost always recognizable by the total lack of support material and/or customer support.
a: you got a new computer?
b: yeah! i bought it online and it only cost a hundred dollars!
a: wow, really? what brand is it?
b: idunno, it doesn’t say…
a: -looks at the device-
a: dude, that’s a total cpc!
canada post corporation. canada’s post office. an employer that will hire absolutely anyone. (losertown)
you got a job at the cpc? wow, i thought they weren’t hiring at losertown!

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