Crack Monkey

this is a friend or foe that does something really crazy or just needs to be call this. have fun.
what up crack monkey?!?! what you been up to?
a monkey who likes to get high
you f-cking crackmonkey!
1.a monkey who is addicted to crack
or express ones hate for another person
1. hey kids, this monkey is addicted to crack
2. man your a crack monkey
monkey on crack, or someone who acts like one.
“that raul is so silly, he’s such a crackmonkey”
a monkey who is addicted to crack cocaine, characterized by agitated delerium, feelings of restlessness, and exhibiting compulsive and repet-tive patterns of behaviour, mostly in an effort to get more of the drug.

scientists studying the effects of crack cocaine often use monkeys as the subject of their studies.
i must be in love because since i gave him my email address, i’ve been checking my email like a crack monkey.
any of the indigenous creatures dwelling within the grody, unpleasant -n-l regions of the person. agitation of said creatures may result in unpleasant conditions and relations between the person and their -ss.
man, you are scratching yo’ booty a bit much, there, buddy. is your crackmonkey irritated?
what you call anyone who says or does something just dumb enough not to be punched in the face with a buick.
jimmy just told that hot chick he likes dungeons and dragons and eats a lot of ham while wearing a glittery cape. jimmy’s a freakin’ crack monkey, dude. that’s what happens when your mom snorts crack rocks and coffee beans and then goes to the zoo to have unprotected s-x with mysterious, hairy blurrs. they held her afterwards and brought her flowers the next day. so i guess it was kind of nice, in an anti-darwin sort of way.

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