cragl is a legend
hi i am cragl = hi i am a legend

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  • b*m powder

    when a person snorts a line of cocaine out of their friends -n-s “last night i was at my girlfriends and i did some b-m powder”

  • rowdy rivera

    one of the s-xiest man’s alive. he has a great personality and can make you smile with anything he says. you are very lucky if you are dating a rowdy. person 1: dude did you see that! he got so rowdy! person 2: yeah, i wish i had a boyfriend that’s rowdy rivera

  • a good hanzo main

    no one on one is a good hanzo main

  • afnar

    aroused for no apparent reason felling #afnar

  • ttp factor

    ttp = “time to p-n-s.” the ttp factor is the amount of time it will take in any given scenario involving a video camera before someone films their own p-n-s. it’s often quite short. “we talked about putting cameras on the game so a customer could get his actual face onto a character, but the […]

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