another word for bl-wj-b. emerged from brain. to be used in situations where outsiders aren’t supposed to know the contents of the conversation.
“dude, did you hear about jack? i heard he copped mad cranium on friday.”
“word, i might cop crane tomorrow…”
a board game they sell at starbucks. best played with a group of friends while drunk.
good thing triple sec wipes slides off the cranium board so easily!
a nickname given to somebody with an above average sized head. often used in the north west region when talking to somebody with a big head.
“oi cranium, give me my ball back!”
a word used to describe the head. often used as a nickname to describe someone with an interestingly large skull. cranium is also used to describe a large skullcap.
“oi cranium, give me that ball back”
“cranium, your head is huge, move out the way so i can see the sun!”
the sophisticated word meaning head (the round thing on the human body situated above the shoulders).
you’re such a richard cranium = you’re such a d-ckhead.
the act of being barbra strieshand golf champion
that cranium be rockin through the suburbs.

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