crank tank

to penitrate a womans area and fill her up with fluids.
guy 1 : man did you sleep with that chick last night?

guy 2: yea man totally crank tanked her
someone who is a barrel full of grumpiness. despite all actions to turn the tidal mood, this mammal refuses efforts on all fronts. applying the phrase “crank tank” when referring to said offender will often remedy the situation, -ssisting the grump bucket in performing a 180 degree turnaround.
“he woke up from his nap in full crank tank mode. he was pouting like a grump-asaur!”

“that girl is walking the crank tank plank.”
another form of the ubiquitous ‘w-nk bank’
the area of your brain used for storing images that will later be used for self pleasure.
on seeing a hot girl walk by…

‘thats going straight in the crank tank’

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