a person in a state of cringe and regret
stop being cranzy bro.

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  • mussahadid

    that moment you remember doing something you forgot you had done. d-mn man….i mussahadid that already.

  • jensen dagget

    the main star of friday the 13th part viii jason takes manhatten lives in california wow my favorite movie in the friday the 13th trilogy stars jensen dagget

  • shawarmad

    a s-xual act that occurs when a man reaches climax, but instead of finishing, he pulls out and squirts tzaziki sauce upon his partner. the man then pelts his partner with cold pita bread. made famous in east dearborn, mi. wallah habib, i shawarma’d your sister last night, thanks for the leftovers.

  • limp guinea

    the moment after -j-c-l-t–n and before flacidity where a p-n-s is hanging at a specific curve. not erect yet not flacid, this middle ground is known as a limp guinea. i barely finished jacking off before my roommate came home, pretty sure he saw my limp guinea

  • splatypus

    when a platypus is dropped 20 stories onto it’s bill. did you see that splatypus on the pavement yesterday?

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