the quality of being full of cr-p.
george w bush has a high cr-pfulness quotient.

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  • drop it off in them drawers

    to have s-x with someone come over here and lemme drop it off in them drawers

  • Drop Piece

    a gun, usually cheap and having the serial numbers removed, that is used to kill someone and left or “dropped” at the scene of the crime to avoid any connections with the perpetrator and the gun used in the crime. sometimes a drop piece can be a gun that has been stolen from someone; therefore […]

  • Hidden Sausage

    where someone hides a sausage (whilst naked) on their person and you have to guess which orifice it is hidden in. hidden sausage – they asked me where i think she has hidden the sausage. i didn’t quite feel up to bangers and mash when she told me where it was.


    a term used to describe a swaggin druid, usually in wow “dood, do you wanna see my druud”

  • Higgs-Jordan

    (noun) nearly invisible elementary particle that interrupts the standard operation of electronic devices including, but not limited to phones, mp3 players, laptops, and automobiles. most common usage is as a reference to the higgs-jordan effect, a phenomenon marked by the realization that your devices no longer work properly, and you are otherwise unable to determine […]

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