any place that stinks, is ugly, disgusting, dirty and expensive. basically any nightclub in britain
“what was the club like last night?”

“it was a dirty cr-phole”
the equivalent of -sshole: directed at a person who did something unfavorable
nathan is acr-phole.
where p–p comes from.
aww man, that taco i ate earlier burned my cr-p hole!
what makes philadephia such a cr-phole is the people that live in it. the most obnoxious group of people that usa has to offer. the city alone competes with the entire state of new jersey for being the arm pit of america.
usually used to describe a location. not as good as a “hole” and better than a “sh-t hole”.
i knew this store was going to be a cr-p hole.
modern name for the united states of america
as in. “gee yall this sure is a cr-phole ” i am living in..

“yall know america is a cr-phole”

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