crapital region

a term used for the region around albany, new york, for describing its washed-up, has-been (if it isn’t actually a never-was, never-will-be) nature and unsuitability as a place to grow up, raise a family or grow old. the trash is whiter than the snow. the guidos/guineas/wops rival those in nyc for inability to be severed from their families. most whites are actually at least as racist and/or h-m-phobic as the stereotypical southern white. the school districts are overwhelmingly segregated. if i could go back in time, be reborn elsewhere and never live in the cr-pital region, i would make that choice right now. remember that albany is an anagram for “by -n-l,” which is how you take it when you live in the cr-pital region.
cr-pital region residents think the world revolves around them. last i checked, it revolved around the sun.

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