it’s slang…another way of just saying “cr-p”
“oh cr-ppis, you nucking futs!”

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    bfflnris stands for best friends for life no really im serious. buddy no. 1: sh-t i cant hang out today. buddy no. 2: thats okay cause we are bfflnris.

  • Masho Rasho

    absolutely f-cked of your face! when you’ve had way too much drink or drugs you are masho rasho!

  • rampinate

    technology – to provide a graduated scale of tools designed to help guide a user to the adoption of sophisticated tools through use of simpler ones. based on the notion of providing an “on-ramp” for a particular technology. coined by luke kanies in his puppetconf keynote address in 2011. bringing these fundamental tools to the […]

  • bamboo cooch

    term to refer to an asian girl, or her v-g-n-. “naomi has such a tight bamboo cooch!”

  • gras deaux

    unidentifiable nastiness. see gra-dew. dude, clean your fridge. there is some sick gras deaux growing in there. a really really big uber sh-t. where’s julie-jo? oh, she’s in the little cowgirls room and has been for an hour! she must be having a h-lluva gras deaux!

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