a crazy r-t-rd
my dog runs like a craytard.

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  • FEMA effect

    the fema effect refers to the all-too-predictable incompetence that emerges when the federal government machinery gets into the process. the inept-tude in the aftermath of hurricane katrina was in part a manifestation of the fema effect. they probably think that you french-kiss someone on the elbow.

  • Ferenc

    a hungarian name usually given to royalty up to 2000 years ago. people usually that recive this name at birth are more often grown to be very s-xually attractive, cunning, dangerous, intelligent, and powerful individuals. our son ferenc is as ruthless as a wolf

  • Fernie

    a c-ck that is more than 13 inches long wow parker, your fernie is amazing! a guy with noooo chill whatsoever. known as the desert king. ex. “d-mn fernie, you got noooooo chill.” 1. a hole that isn’t actually a hole, not as big of a whole as sparwood, and elkford isnt big enough to […]


    for when “f-ck” just isn’t enough. an expression of pure rage. basically an extended version of “f-ck”, it would be pr-nounced: “fffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!” janitor: i’m watching the sixth sense… this kid sees dead people. dr c-x: bruce willis is a ghost! he’s been dead the whole time! oops! janitor: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff dude (to girlfriend): i love you. […]

  • Brillion

    a hick farm town that drives away cool peeps. fo shizzle! yo been to brillion yo neva c-m back you so undope

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